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Dear employees,

we are fulfilling our promise from the past, and so we are providing you with some important and interesting information from the events at our university. Since the newsletter is shorter, we invite you to the Journal, which, in addition to regular news, has prepared two summer cycles: the first one will present weekly tips on how to spend not only holidays sustainably (in Czech); the second one will present fresh reading for summer (in Czech) from the Palacký University Press.

UP Alumni Club looks forward to welcoming new members

Do you have any idea how many graduates our university released into the world last year? 3,906 – and the UP Alumni Club is waiting for all of them. Anyone with a diploma from UP, including a bachelor's degree, can join. Along with the alumni card, members will get a lot of benefits, discounts and privileges, the possibility to continue borrowing books in the university library or priority invitations to events (not only) for alumni. Online registration is available on the alumni website.

Summer = reading. Palacký University Press a discount on books and the opening of the Bookshop "on request"

When else to start reading the books you keep putting off than during the summer holidays? And if you don't happen to know what title to pick up, you can get inspired by the university press. Every weekend since the beginning of the holiday season, the Journal has been featuring a tip on a book from its production. It started with British-style mysteries (in Czech) and mysteries seen through the eye of an artist (in Czech), and the varied selection will continue until the end of August. Meanwhile, you can get the summer book tips and any other books on the e-shop with a summer 15% discount. Just enter the discount code letnicteni15 in your basket.

The Bookshop (Skriptárna) at the Armoury (Zbrojnice) will be closed from 18 July to 12 August for operational reasons, but only for the sake of appearance! In fact, we will be happy to open the shop for you during the weekdays in "open on request" mode. Just ring the doorbell or call. This way you can also come and pick up your orders from the e-shop with the summer discount code. You can find a full list of new books from the university on the Palacký University Press website and e-shop

Don't miss news from universities

Did you know that colleges also have their own special magazine? It's called Universitas, and it brings news from individual universities, introduces important personalities worth knowing, or focuses on ethics in education or the Czech EU Presidency. In addition, its website also features various job offers (in Czech) at Czech universities. The magazine also has its own newsletter, the latest issue of which you can view and then subscribe to (in Czech) regularly – it's good to know what's happening in your neighbours…

Join the summer competition!

Would you like a gift voucher to Dům u parku or a voucher for a purchase at UPoint worth CZK 1,000, free tickets to the Fort Science or other material prizes? Just participate in the summer competition of the UP Communications Office and briefly describe your most positive experience from the last academic year connected with our/your university. We will reward the most original and funny stories and publish them anonymously on our networks. So let's do it! Send your entries to soutez@upol.cz until 31 July.

University invites you to summer cinema and wine festival

On Friday and Saturday, 22 and 23 July, you can look forward to free open-air film screenings in Bezručovy sady thanks to the university's Zaparkuj initiative. On Friday, you can relax in the shade of the trees from 9 pm with Léto s kovbojem, and a day later with the cult film Samotáři (The Loners). Both screenings are part of the accompanying programme of the Olomouc Wine Festival in the Park, which will welcome over a hundred winemakers from the Czech Republic and Poland over two days. In addition, the university also provides a relaxation zone with deck chairs and sitting bags, a rental of board games and sports equipment, and university merch for visitors.