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Dear students, all the presentation that were presented during the Orientation Week WS 2022/2023 can be found in this link.

How to arrange a semester extension of my study stay at UP Olomouc?

Please note that for several days extra you do not need any formal request. If you intend to stay for the second semester, then please read below.

What to do first:

  • Below find the form EXTENSION OF STUDY PERIOD. The document must be signed by your Palacký University Departmental/Faculty coordinator and by your home institution, and delivered to the respective coordinator at the UP Mobility office by 16. 12. 2022 by e-mail or in person. To meet the deadline, it is acceptable to submit the form signed only by the UP coordinator.

Extension of Erasmus+ study period
​​​​​​​Extension of study period - Cooperation Agreement

In case you have got an Extension Request Form from your home institution, feel free to use it instead of the UP-form Extension of Erasmus+ Study Period, but keep the deadline above for submitting!

What to do next:

Steps to follow in the Online Application - as soon as possible

  1. In your UP Online Application please mark in a request to extend the study period. A button “Extension of Mobility” is available in your online application, the “Application” section, completely down – see below:

        2. When you click on the button, you will be asked for the dates of the extended period:

Please note that your stay can be extended by the end of June (30.06.2023), which is the end of the examination period. The system will not allow you to write in a later date.

Steps to follow in the STAG/PORTAL – ECTS Arrivals:
Select courses and prepare LA for the second semester – preferably by December 16, 2022 (there may be different deadlines at UP Faculties, always follow instructions from your UP Faculty).

  1. Set up the second semester starting date – formal date - 6.2.2023 or 13.2.2023. None of the students who continue their studies is expected to join the orientation week!
  2. Check the status of your ECTS/Arrival file - it should be 450 (Student mobility in progress) to select the courses for the second semester. If the status is a different number, contact the faculty coordinator to change it.
  3. If you already know which courses you want to attend in the 2nd semester, select them from the institution menu in ECTS/Arrivals, section COURSES. If you need to check the offer of courses available for exchange students in the 2nd semester -
  4. Via email ask the respective departmental coordinator for checking your course selection in ECTS/Arrivals. After he/she answers/provides approval, print the LA document, sign it, and continue either via a) or b)

    a) Send the LA form with courses approved by the UP coordinator to your home institution requesting confirmation and return of the signed LA. Afterward, upload the signed LA in the ECTS /Arrivals – section Incoming Study Visit/part Visit attachments”. Finally, wait for the UP departmental coordinator´s signature.

    b) Upload the LA form with courses approved by the UP coordinator and signed by you in the ECTS/Arrivals – section Incoming Study Visit/part Visit attachments”. Wait for the UP departmental coordinator´s signature. Afterward, download the signed LA and send it to your home institution requesting confirmation and return of the fully signed LA. Finally, upload the LA signed by all three parties (student, host, and home institution coordinator) in the ECTS /Arrivals – section Incoming Study Visit / part Visit attachments”.
  5. The fully signed LA for the summer semester should be named LA_SUMMER_final. If you later prepare the LA Changes, please name the document LA_SUMMER_CHANGES.
  6. IMPORTANT! The signed Learning Agreement for the summer semester should be uploaded in ECTS/ Arrivals by 31. 1. 2023 /before the beginning of the second semester, at the latest, sooner you have it there, the sooner we can confirm the extension of your stay and issue a new/updated Letter of Acceptance which you will find in the UP online application, Documents section. If you need your extension of stay to be confirmed before the LA is completed i.e., signed by all three parties, let me know, serious reasons will be considered. Also, please follow the deadlines given by faculty coordinators! e.g. Faculty of Arts coordinator may set an earlier deadline and additional instructions concerning their pilot administration in STAG.
  7. Do not forget to inform the accommodation office and request an extension of your accommodation in the dorms. The Mobility office will confirm the extension to the accommodation office representative after receiving from you a signed Request for Extension Form (at least signed by the UP departmental coordinator).
  8. If you are a visa student, you may need to prolong your visa/residence permit via Department for Asylum and Migration Policy Olomouc (OAMP). As soon as possible (at least 3-4 weeks in advance) request an appointment date by contacting the Welcome Office colleague Ms. Alena Vyskočilová (, and communicate the reason of the appointment together with your personal data (full name, passport number, date of birth, nationality). It is always better to have a Czech speaker (your Czech buddy) with you at an OAMP appointment. More information read on the web at:

    To receive an updated Letter of Acceptance, get in touch with your UP coordinator (Mobility Office). During the appointment at OAMP, you will also need to show proof of your accommodation. Contact the Accommodation Office and request your accommodation contract in the Czech language.
  9. IMPORTANT! For technical reasons, we cannot administrate YOU students accepted for studies before October 2022 via EWP in ECTS/Arrivals.

    Palacký University switched to the EWP mode officially in October 2022. Only the new incoming students of the second semester accepted after we started the EWP mode will be able to exchange their Learning Agreement and additional data via EWP in the ECTS Arrivals.

Where to find the MOBILITY OFFICE coordinator and your FACULTY coordinator?

Please check the list of the FACULTY COORDINATORS containing the contact information and address of their offices.

The Mobility office (former International Relations Office) has been moved from Křížkovského 8 to Vodární 6, 779 00 Olomouc.

Bc. Anna Přílučíková

non-EU Incoming Students (Cooperation Agreements)


tel. +420 585 631 183


Mgr. Eva Ohnisková, DiS.

Incoming Students Erasmus+ (KA107, non-EU students)


tel. +420 585 631 085


Mgr. Zuzana Hamdanieh

Incoming Students Erasmus+ (KA103, EU students)


tel. +420 585 631 108



To see the complete list please click HERE.

Final / Important DOCUMENTS

  • UP Enrolment form (yellow card)
  • Confirmation of departure/mobility
  • UP Transcript of Records


Foreigners who stay in Olomouc for more than 90 days are obliged to pay the Waste management municipal fee

Please download:

and read the information via links below for more details.

Students under 26 years of age staying in UP dorms are not required to pay the fee.

Full text of the document  is available at

In 2022, the fee is 804 CZK.

  • Students who will come to pay the fee in person at the Olomouc office should respect the office hours on Monday and Wednesday (the office is closed for the public on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). 
  • Concerning the online payments, to count the portion to pay, please count the number of months you have spent in Olomouc. The month you are leaving is not counted. You should divide the yearly fee of 804 into 12 months of the calendar year, and the result multiply by the number of months spent in Olomouc (include the first months of your stay and exclude the last month if leaving before its end).

1. e.g. Student XY in Olomouc - February 2022 to May 25, 2022.

804:12 = 67 CZK
67 x 3 (February - April) = 201 CZK

Note: May is not included because of the student departure before the end of the month.

2. e.g.  Student YX in Olomouc from September 2021 to June 1, 2022

804:12 = 67 CZK
67 x 9 (September – May) = 612 CZK

Complete instructions including information for online payment: (Information in Czech)

In case of need, contact the Municipality Office, Waste management office at Palackého street 14, NAMIRO building tel: 588 488 617-621, 588 488 611-612.

V případě nejasností se můžete informovat na Magistrátu města Olomouce, oddělení místních poplatků, pracoviště Palackého 14, Olomouc, třetí nadzemní podlaží objektu NAMIRO, tel.: 588 488 617-621, 588 488 611-612.

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