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Palacký University Olomouc has more than 100 cooperation agreements signed with partner institutions from all over the world. These cooperation agreements enable mobilities and exchanges of students and academic staff.

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Nomination and application process 2017/2018

We are pleased that you have chosen Palacký University Olomouc for your exchange study experience.

Palacký University is to introduce a new online nomination and application process for Erasmus+ and other exchange international students in the upcoming academic year 2017/2018.

From this year on, we will only accept nominations and applications via our new online system. No further documents will be required by post as all parts of the application can be submitted online.

Below please find details regarding our nomination and application process for coordinators as well as for students of our partner institutions:

  1. Nomination of students by coordinators
  2. Cancelation of the mobility
  3. Application process for nominated students

1. Nomination of students by coordinators (Information for coordinators at partner institutions) 

  • By mid of March 2017 all Palacký University Olomouc partner institutions will be sent an information e-mail with instructions for online nomination including a unique nomination link - an access to UP nomination and application system. Only on your request we will generate a new link, otherwise please note, that the link can be used repeatedly in the following year(s).
  • To nominate your students please follow instructions written in the information e-mail and see guidelines.
  • After you submit the nomination in our online system, an information e-mail about an online application procedure will be sent to a nominated student.

Should you need any additional information please contact the coordinator for incoming students at 

Online Nomination Deadlines:

whole academic year/winter semester*June 15**
summer semester*October 31

*winter semester/first semester – September –January/February
*summer semester/second semester – February – June
**visa required students have to be nominated as soon as possible, preferably before May 31

It will not be possible to accept nominations/applications after the deadlines.

Summary of nomination steps for a coordinator at partner institution

When you accessed the online nomination system using the received link:

  • Step 1.   Check and update your institution profile information if needed
  • Step 2.   Nomination - enter the students data
  • Step 3.   Nomination submitted
  • Step 4.   An information e-mail about UP application procedure to the nominated student.

Please note that no e-mail from us confirming that your nomination was submitted/received is sent to you. In the nomination system you can see the list of nominated students and on the left side just please check the status - a blue button stating Nominated after you submitted the nomination by clicking on SUBMIT on the right confirms that your nomination has reached us.

2. Cancelation of the Mobility

  • It is really important to let us know when the mobility of the nominated/accepted student has been canceled. Using the online nomination and application system, we would appreciate if you cancel the mobility directly in the system, instead of sending an e-mail, which could be sent aditionally.
  • The UP online nomination and application system will enable to cancel the mobility any time during the application process or even after the acceptance. Please note that the cancelation is not required from both the coordinator and the student, it is sufficient if it is done by one of them.

If the mobility is cancelled after the nomination has been submitted, the coordinator or the student must WITHDRAW their online application by clicking on the WITHDRAW button in the application form.

3. Application process (Information for nominated students)

After your home institution has submitted your online nomination, you will receive an e-mail with information and a link to access the application form. (Please note that this year there may be a few days between the online nomination and the information e-mail being sent to you) 

Online Application Deadlines:

whole academic year/winter semester*best before May 31June 30
summer semester*October 31November 15

*winter semester/first semester – September –January/February
*summer semester/second semester – February – June
**visa non-required = EU, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland citizens

It will not be possible to accept applications after the deadlines.

Summary of application steps for a student

  • Step 1. An information e-mail about UP application procedure is received by the  nominated student
  • Step 2. Online application including a request for accommodation and the orientation week is submitted by the student (see deadlines)*
  • Step 3. Learning Agreement is submitted by the student
  • Step 4. Letter of acceptance is sent to the nominated/accepted student

To read the UP online application guidelines please go to

Should you need any additional information please contact a respective coordinator for incoming students at (Cooperation Agreements) but make sure that you have read carefully the guidelines.


Please, never forward the online application link to anyone else!(The application link assigned to you can be used repeatedly. If you think that an unauthorized person uses your link, please let us know asap and we will generate a new unique link, which will be sent to your email address.

Please note, that if you cancel your mobility during the application process or even after you are accepted, you must WITHDRAW your online application by clicking on the WITHDRAW button.

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Coordinator: Ms. Štěpánka Bublíková

International Relations Office
Křížkovského 8
77147 Olomouc

  • receives and administrates nominations from partners
  • provides information on application process and general information
  • provides documents as confirmation of arrival, confirmation of study period
  • organizes the Orientation Week for incoming students