Information on testing for covid-19 at UP

Testing of employees

Palacký University, just like other Czech universities, has been included in the extraordinary government measure of 5 March (text in Czech) among those subjects which must test their employees for Covid-19, coming into effect on 10 March.

According to the current measure, as of 17 March, only those employees who have tested negative for the presence of Covid-19 in the past 7 days will be allowed entry to UP offices and other university premises. Mandatory testing will not apply to those employees who:

  1. work outside UP premises, or have agreed with their employers to work from home;
  2. have already had Covid-19 within 90 days from their first positive test and can provide laboratory confirmation of this;
  3. have a certificate from the Czech Ministry of Health stating that they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 for at least a fortnight, and do not currently exhibit any symptoms of the disease.

Details in the government measure can be found under Article III.1 (in Czech).

Palacký University is arranging antigen testing of its employees in the following locations and times:

Rector’s Office + Central divisions

Faculty of Arts

Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Arts (Křížkovského 10), room 1.25 (Department of Czech Studies) Milena Kysučanová – Rector’s Office
( | 733690761)

Marta Lucie Cincialová – CMTF
( | 731600081)

Iva Ulmanová – FF
( | 585633029)
Friday 9–11:30 am
reservation system
Faculty of Education Žižkovo náměstí 5 Hana Šimková
( | 732252111)
Tuesday 8–10 am
reservation system
Faculty of Science

Faculty of Law
17. listopadu 12
(Envelopa campus)
Dagmar Petrželová
( | 585634003)
Wednesday and Thursday 9–11:30 am
reservation system
Accommodation and Dining

UP Carpool
Šmeralova 8
(B. Václavek dorm)
Jana Trundová
( | 585638014)
Tuesday 1–3 pm
reservation system
Faculty of Physical Culture tř. Míru
(Neředín campus, building C, NC 159)
Barbora Kristová
( | 585636053)
Tuesday 9–10:30 am
reservation system
Faculty of Science

Science and Technology Park

Olomouc-Holice Ota Blahoušek
( | 606131681)
Monday 8:30 am – 2:45 pm
reservation system
Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Faculty of Health Sciences
Information on testing of FMD employees here.
Information on testing of FHS employees here.
Monday and Tuesday 12 am – 3 pm

For each of these locations a coordinator has been named who will invite employees from their area of influence for testing. Reservations for day/time should be made by the employee themselves within the reservation system (the link will be provided by the coordinator via e-mail).

Procedure for those employees who have arranged their own testing

Employees who have not taken part in their employer’s antigen testing and wish to enter the spaces of Palacký University Olomouc after 17 March will need to arrange their own test at the official testing point (eg at the University Hospital Olomouc or the Military Hospital Olomouc. List of all testing points) and provide proof of negative results to their supervisor. Said supervisor will then scan the document and send it to Human Resources, who will then enter it into the SAP information system. Results of tests carried out by UP will also be entered into SAP.

Procedure and possibilities if one refuses or does not take part in antigen testing

If an employee refuses the mandatory testing, they will not be allowed entry to their workplace. The employer may make an agreement with the employee to work from home, use vacation days, or take unpaid leave.

Please note that it is the duty of the supervisor to know which of their subordinates can be found in the workplace and which of their subordinates are working from home (and when).

Testing at Palacký University will be administered by a doctor; in the Holice complex they will be administered by AgelLab. Samples will be taken via nasal swab.

We would like to thank employees for their responsible and collegial approach in this matter.

Testing of students

Management of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Faculty of Health Sciences in cooperation with University Hospital has prepared antigen testing for Covid-19 for students of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. Negative test result will be a condition for admittance to contact teaching. Testing will be carried out in cooperation with the Olomouc University Hospital. Testing of students also takes place at Faculty of Science for students of Optometry and Experimental biology study programmes.

Faculty of Science Envelopa campus (17. listopadu 12)

Olomouc-Holice compound
Dagmar Petrželová
( | 585634003)

Ota Blahoušek
( | 606131681)
Envelopa | Wednesday and Thursday 8 am – 11 am
rezervační systém

Holice | Monday 8:30 am – 1:30 pm
reservation system

Details on testing of students of Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry here.

Details on testong of students of Faculty of Health Services here.

UP testing statistics

Weekly overviews of the number of antigen tests performed at every university testing location (including the number of positive test results as well) can be found in this continuously updated table.