Please find below the most frequently asked questions regarding the situation at Palacký University during the covid-19 pandemic. We will be updating them continuously and as soon as possible regarding the development of the situation in the Czech Republic during the autumn of 2020. If you haven’t found your question here, do not hesitate to contact us at

Semester, courses, academic calendar

What is actual regime at UP?

(Updated on 11 January, 9:45 AM)

You can find all the details about actual regime at UP on the “coronaweb”.

Also, As of 10 September, wearing face masks inside UP premises is mandatory.

UP is in regular communication with experts, epidemiologists and other specialists, and is also governed by the recommendations and edicts of the Czech Ministry of Health. Therefore UP continuously changes and updates its regime and measures based on the development of the situation.

How the summer semester 2021 will look like?

(Updated on 12 January, 10:58AM)

Updated information on the course of the upcoming semester will be available after discussions with UP faculties, other universities, and the Ministry of Education by the end of January, with the current on-line means of instruction expected to remain in place and predominant at least throughout the whole of February.

Will the Covid-19 pandemic affect study fees?

(Updated on 18 May, 11:07 AM)

Palacký University Olomouc suspended making a decision on fees from 10 March to 17 May 2020 for students who are exceeding their normal study period. Decisions to charge fees for exceeding the normal study period were resumed on 18 May 2020, and apply only to those students who satisfied their study requirements before the state of emergency was declared and for whom such a decision was not made previously. Decisions regarding other students, for whom such penalties would have applied between 1 March and 31 August 2020, will be issued after 31 August 2020.

According to the special Law No. 188/2020, Czech Law Coll., the period from 1 March to 31 August 2020 has been removed from the standard study period. Each student who is nearing the time when required fees for exceeding the standard study period come into effect can consider this period as “credit”. In practise, this means that if for example a student would normally have had to pay fees for exceeding the standard period of study as of 1 September 2020, thanks to the law above, the requirement to pay fees would not start earlier than 1 March 2021.

Exams, final examinations, thesis, graduation ceremonies

How will exams during winter semester 2020/2021 look like?

(Updated on 12 January, 10:58 AM)

According to current government measures it is possible to organize exams up to 10 people in presence, however it is not mandatory. It always depends on specifics and regime of each faculty/department. Nevertheless, UP Rector asking for maximal use of on-line methods for examining students, whenever possible.

Detail information on exact form of exams should be delivered to you by your faculty/department.

Will graduation ceremonies take place or will they be cancelled?

(Updated on 21 October, 5:08 PM).

With respect to the current Czech government measures in place and the current epidemic situation, the UP faculties decided not to organize graduation ceremonies throughout the Autumn. This stands for golden and diamond graduation ceremonies, too. Diplomas could be collected at study departments. Follow the web pages of your faculties for detailed information or contact your study official.

Dormitories, dinning halls

Do the dorms somehow limit their regime?

(Updated on 5 January, 9:48 AM)

According to the government decree the following students are allowed at dormitories:

  • students who can take part in the lessons/praxis/exams at UP due to current exceptions,
  • students who have been assigned to duty by the government,
  • students for whom the university dormitory is their legal residence according to Article 80, paragraph 1, of Law No. 89/2012 Czech Law Coll., for which the student must substantiate that fact by providing a formal declaration given to their dormitory representative,
  • students who are working at UP (for example, PhD. students),
  • international students,
  • students who are currently in mandatory quarantine or isolation.

Are there any measures to stop COVID-19 from spreading at the dormitories?

(Updated on 9 September, 9:00 PM)

The dormitories have special, separated rooms for preventive quarantines and isolation (for those who have tested positive) in the Envelopa and Neředín campuses. International students from risk (“red”) countries will be housed in these rooms until they receive negative test results.

How do dining halls operate during actual situation?

(Updated on 11 January, 10:44 AM)

Dining halls remain open for UP employees and students. Regarding the actual measures the university dining halls limit the number of seats (and diners) per table, wherever possible, due to reasons of capacity. As of January 2021 new hours go into effect at several UP Accommodation and Dining facilities. Details.

At the same time, we are asking all of you to maintain proper social distancing while waiting in queues and to thoroughly sanitise hands upon entering dining hall areas.

Foreign students, foreign stays, arrival to Czechia

I am an international student. Are there any restrictions which apply to me upon arrival in the Czech Republic?

(Updated on 7 January, 2:26 PM)

Entry to international students is restricted according to the measures in place declared by the Czech Ministry of the Interior. It depends on whether you are coming from EU or non-EU country and whether you are coming from a “green” (non-risk) country, “orange” (semi-risk) country or a “red” (risk) country. All the details and conditions can be found here.

Does the university have doctors to treat international students?

(Updated on 21 September, 11:15 AM)

The university has made an agreement with the emergency room of the Olomouc Military Hospital (Vojenská nemocnice Olomouc) to provide medical services to new exchange and new English degree international students. Contact the doctors Monday–Friday, preferably from 9–11 am via telephone at +420 973 407 040 or e-mail

I am planning to come to Olomouce as an Erasmus student during summer semester. Will it be possible?

(Updated on 15 January, 12:15 AM)

Palacký University Olomouc management is asking international Erasmus programme students to reconsider their physical presence in Olomouc during the summer 2021 semester and recommend they instead postpone their study stay to a later date.

Library, lifelong learning courses, events, sport

Is it still possible to use the UP Library services?

(Updated on 12 January, 11:03 PM)

As for the UP Library and its branches, it remains in force that from 21 December until further notice, the libraries are closed.

However, as of 11 January 2021 borrowing books from the library is possible once again. Details and up-to-date information can be found on the UP Library webpage.

Will holders of UP Academic Sport Centre (UP ASC) passes be somehow compensated?

(Updated on 8 September, 5:00 PM)

Yes, there are two options: 1) the possibility of refunding money for unused lessons; 2) transferring unused lessons to a chosen sports programme in the next semester, which would automatically reduce the price of the prepaid sports pass in the next semester. More details are available (in Czech) on the UP ASC website.

Procedures in case of covid-positive test

Should I contact UP when I am tested possitive for covid-19 or placed into quarantine?

(Updated on 7 October, 11:02 AM)

Yes, in order to provide the best possible management of the epidemiological situation at UP and the possibility to foresee and adjust the potential teaching regime at the university, we are hereby asking for your responsibility and cooperation in this regard. If you have a positive test for Covid-19 or if your region’s public health authorities have placed you into preventative quarantine, inform your faculty or unit coordinator about it. All the information received will be handled with the utmost discretion.

List of coordinators can be found here.

If the presence of the COVID-19 infection is confirmed in a UP student/employee, will the entire university/faculty/department be closed?

(Updated on 8 September, 5:05 PM)

In this regard UP is in close communication with the regional health authorities, with whom we are regularly in contact. In cooperation with them, UP will consider quarantine and other measures in the case of those students and/or employees who test positive for Covid-19. Closing the entire university/faculty/department is unlikely, though.


What are actual preventive measures in Czechia?

(Updated on 5 January, 9:52 AM)

The epidemiological situation in Czechia is depicted by the PES evaluation system. The regions are assigned to five levels, on which the respective anti-epidemic measures will depend. You can find current alert level and all preventive measures here.

Can I work from home?

(Updated on 29 October 9:44 AM)

Yes, it is possible. In conjunction with the latest Czech Government decisions of 26 October, UP management recommends working from home wherever it is operationally and technically possible. All the details about working from home agreement can be found here.

Why do the universities have different measures in force? For example, why does UP differ in its approach from Charles University in Prague and Masaryk University in Brno?

(Updated on 8 September, 5:04 PM)

Universities must completely conform to actual government guidelines, and only differ in constituent aspects which may lead to different measures with respect to the specifics of the given university or regional situation. The current measures in force at UP have been established after discussions with experts, epidemiologists and specialists. Understandably, the measures in place may change over the course of the autumn and depend upon the developing situation.

Why are there no precise rules for all this coming from the Rector’s Office?

Universities are not centrally managed units, and every faculty has its own specifics. This is why it is not possible to impose a 100% regime upon all from above, and some steps must be left up to the decisions of management at individual faculties.