Documents and manuals

Forms for inter-district travel for the purposes of work or studies

On Monday, 1 March, new anti-epidemic measures go into effect limiting the movement of persons between districts in the Czech Republic (valid until 21 March). In case you are travelling to work or for teaching/training/exams) from outside the Olomouc district, you should have with you an already-completed confirmation form in case you are stopped by Czech Police.

Form for travelling outside the district (PDF | docx)

Employer confirmation form for travelling to work (PDF | docx)

Preventive measures in Czechia during the Covid-19 pandemic

You can follow latest information on preventive measures in Czechia on the website of the Government of the Czech Republic.

Information are also summarized in the special article on ”coronaweb“.

You can also get familiar with the current government resolution which affects the regime at UP.

Regulations for entry to the Czech Republic for Czech citizens and foreigners

Detail information on the conditions for entry to Czechia can be found on a special webpage of the Ministry of the Interior.

The Ministry of the Interior has also prepared an overview diagram which shows which conditions are necessary to fulfil before entering the Czech Republic from abroad. Restrictions on entry to Czechia for foreigners are also summarised in this diagram.

Work from home agreement

During ordered quarantine and isolation, an employee can work from home if the nature of his/her profession and state of health allows it and if the employee has written permission from their employer (work from home agreement).