Synthesis of Advanced Nanomaterials: Catalytic and Sustainable Applications

25. září 2017, 13:00 – 14:00

Habilitační přednáška. Přednášející: Manoj B. Gawande

Abstract: Sustainable nanomaterials have recently attracted great attention as highly functionalized nanocatalysts in diverse catalytic areas including solid-supported nanocatalysts, graphene materials, core-shell catalysts and other types of nanostructures. Rapid technology development over recent decades has allowed a series of advances in the development of increasingly sustainable heterogeneous catalysts. In particular, catalytic materials can now be prepared with greater precision via nanotech-enabled processes. Metal supported nanoparticles which often serve as active catalytic components can be synthesized in a more environmentally friendly manner with well-defined sizes, shapes, crystal facets, structure, and composition. An overview of our recent activity developing activity developing novel methodologies based on the use of nanomaterials, and sustainable organic transformations will be highlighted.




RCPTM, Šlechtitelů 27 G, seminární místnost 314