Ethical Decision-Making in European Institutions

22. říjen 2021, 14:00 – 15:30

Přednáška z cyklu International Teaching Week na CMTF

Přednášející: Prof. Günter Virt (Rakousko)

After the Second World War, many ethics committees began to emerge around the world and the term bioethics was coined.
In the first part, Prof. Virt will discuss his work for the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) and its recommendations on the protection of human rights and the dignity of the terminally ill and further work with this document. The discussion will tackle current political issues on euthanasia appearing in the daily news in the Czech Republic and Austria.
In the second part, Virt will talk about his work for the European Union's ethics committee, which directly advises the President of the Commission on ethics issues. The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies currently consists of 15 members: 5 ethicists, 5 lawyers, and 5 empirical scientists.
Having direct experience from the Committee (2001-2016), Virt will give insights into its work through many stories.
The final part of the lecture will discuss the role of the theologian, the theological method, and the EU's commitment in article 17 of the Lisbon Treaty, in which the EU commits itself to a permanent, open, and institutionalized dialogue with the world faith communities (hence also the churches).


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