Mixed Massages

7. březen 2018, 19:00 – 20:00

Theatrical performance

Theatrical performance of Alan Robinson's farce 'Mixed Massages' by KAA Drama class.

"It's a busy day in the relaxation spa, with New Girl Tina struggling to come to terms with her new job. It's all complicated by a number of clients who've arranged liaisons, or mistaken the premises for... some quite different establishment. It's steamy and hairy, but funny too."

Directed by Marian Siedloczek

Starring (by appearance):
Dagmar Dynková..as Tina (naive, nervous trainee beautician)
Natalie Livingstone..as Nina (tough-talking head beautician)
Šárka Dvořáková..as Edwina (haughty, uptight spa guest)
Tomáš Pospíšil..as Herbert (gangly, geeky spa virgin)
Sára Seidlová..as Gina (flirty, blowsy spa guest)
Adriana Červená..as José (Greek/Spanish lothario)
Marian Siedloczek..as Davy (deep in a midlife crisis)
special guest..as Mrs. Boht (broad-beamed spa guest)

Entrance fee voluntary


Department of English and American studies


Arts Centre, Univerzitni 3, Theatre Hall