Waste into fuel – catalyst and process development for waste biomass valorisation

29. listopad 2017, 10:30 – 11:30


Přednášející: Izabela S. Pieta (Insitutte of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences)

Abstract: Biomass and MSW wastes can be recognized then as a valuable, sustainable, and economicfuel source in comparison to fossil fuels, which can contribute to the synthesis gas production andclean energy demand worldwide. The fuels obtained from wastes possess a volumetric energydensities from the range 15.6 - 26.8 MJL-1, mainly methanol, ethanol, butanol, and carboxylic acids.Although, the wastes are a cheap and abundant source, the syngas produced from BW or MSWcontains various impurities, such as organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, sulphur and chlorinecomponents, what limits syngas usage for advanced electricity generation, especially for heat andpower generation units based on high temperature fuel cells, such as solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) ormolten carbonate fuel cells (MCFC). The presented work focuses on the recent progress of potentialbiomass waste (BW)/munticipal solid wastes (MSW) derived fuels processing. Herein we reportrecent research developments in the continuous BW/MSW processing for syngas production,specifically concentrating on reforming and the catalytic effects on the effluent and process efficiency.




RCPTM, Šlechtitelů 27, seminární místnost č. 314