Current semester | state degree exams | exams during the coronavirus epidemic

When will the semester end? When will state degree exams take place? When to submit final theses? When…?

The 2020 Summer Semester will be extended. In general, classes will be extended by two weeks as opposed to the original 2020 Summer Semester timetable, and the deadline for fulfilling study requirements for the academic year 2019/2020 will be extended until 15 September 2020 (this does not apply to graduating students, who will be informed of their specific deadlines by their departments/faculties). Due to the nature of their study programmes, certain faculties will be granted exceptions to prolong classes, so please monitor the information at your home faculty. Links to that information are given below.

Physical classes are still suspended until further notice (details about the restoring the full regime at Palacký University should be presented at the beginning of April) and will be substituted by the distance form of on-line classes. All the details on the timetable for the rest of the semester (including information on exams, state degree exams and thesis defences) should be posted by the end of March on the pages of UP faculties. The ways individual departments and faculties will resolve the situation may differ and arise out of the character and possibilities of the individual study programmes.

If the situation allows it, UP management in cooperation with the faculties will establish rules for on-line exams, state degree exams, and thesis defences. At departments where the teaching methods allow it, this distance form of examining may be acceptable. If this solution pertains to you personally, you will be informed of this possibility by your faculty and/or department in a timely fashion.

Graduation ceremonies at UP are not threatened; the dates will be determined on the basis of when state degree exams will finish.

Please keep monitoring our ongoing, constantly updated FAQ, where you will find many other detailed questions and answers about the course of the semester and study requirements for the 2020 Summer Semester.

Video: UP management reacts to questions on the emergency situation (25 March 2020)
English transcription of the video